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Wedding Bells chime for some of our dynamic bachelors

2012's Men's Special Issue of HELLO! India featured ten of Pakistan's most interesting young men who also happened to be single (and ready to mingle).
HELLO! India, August 2012

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Since then, Osman-ul-Haq and Isfandyar Zaman Khan have entered marital bliss with their sparkling spouses, Misha Sadiq and Zehra Hyder Ali. Congratulations, newlyweds!

Isfandyar and Zehra host a pub-style soiree for friends in Washington DC to mark their engagement

A winter wedding for Osman & Misha
The feedback on my profile was great!" says Osman about his feature in HELLO! India. (Great enough to meet your future wife?)

"I met Misha right around the time of the interview for HELLO! India and got married in January of this year," he reveals. "I also left NYC after living there for 5 years and moved to London to pursue another role in finance."

Misha Sadiq grew up in Abu Dhabi and moved to Pakistan at the age of 16. After graduating from the University of Toronto, Misha worked in the HR department of Coca Cola in Lahore and consulted for a nonprofit organization specializing in education.  

When I ask Osman what he loves most about his bride, he responds with the humorous cynicism of one who has been married for a decade, let alone a couple of months: "Uff ubh yay nahin hosakta please!"
Mehndi; Misha in Saira Rizwan
Osman weds Misha in Lahore; Photo by Farrakh Bhatti

On their wedding day, Misha wore her grandmother's dupatta with a Sana Safinaz lehnga

Osman and Misha at their walima reception in Islamabad; Misha wears Elan. Photo by Zeeshan Jamal

Summer celebrations for Isfandyar & Zehra 
"I met the sweetest girl possible at a circus party in Lahore a few years ago, was told to stay away from her and as always I never listened," says Isfandyar about the first time he met Zehra.
Isfandyar and Zehra in the mood for love; photo from their personal collection

After appearing in HELLO! India, Isfandyar reveals that his Indian colleagues came up to him and took pictures. "That was odd," he shrugs. 

When asked about his fiancee at the time, Isfandyar responds in his typical self-deprecating fashion:  "Zehra is based outta Lahore, DC and somewhere in between...She grew up across the canal for me and does insulation for low income housing. And is from MIT." 

Zehra elaborates: "Ghonsla is the company's name and we provide sustainable and affordable insulation to underserved markets, starting with Pakistan. Not just low income, but housing across the board and commercial buildings too." 

When I asked where they plan to live after getting married, Isfandyar aptly replies, "Everywhere!"  

Friends arrived from all corners of the world to attend the wedding--including many of Isfandyar's friends who had met, hooked up and gotten hitched over the last decade vis-a-vis the unwitting Mr. Khan. Isfandyar is a remarkable friend to all!
Nikkah ceremony; Photo courtesy of Marta Zimina

 Isfandyar weds Zehra in Lahore; Photo courtesy of Marta Zimina

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