Friday, June 7, 2013

2012's Pakistan's Most Eligible: 8/10 Bachelors and Counting

For the August 2012's Men's Special Issue of HELLO! India, I interviewed ten dynamic young bachelors and set a bevy of feminine (and some masculine) hearts in a tizzy across the border.
HELLO! India, August 2012

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Here are the remaining who haven't succumbed to matrimony since then (as of June 2013):

Shehryar Taseer
Shehryar in his characteristic down-time attire; Photo by Faisal Farooqui/Dragonfly

Alexandre 'Sikander' Rizvi
Xander continues to lend his personal touch to his self-named cafe in Karachi; Photo by Maryam Rahman Agha

Bilal Lashari
Bilal awaits the release of his film, Waar; Photo by Faisal Farooqui/Dragonfly

Adil Omar
Adil is seen working on his latest album, The Mushroom Cloud Effect; Photo by Diego Ibarra Sanchez

Shahzad 'Shezy' Malik
Shahzad pursues music in his leisure time at his basement studio; Photo by Faisal Farooqui/Dragonfly

Valy Rangoonwala
Valy skiiing in scenic Courchevel in the French Alps; Photo from personal collection

Hissam 'Namoo' Hyder
Hissam counts among Pakistan's top polo players and competes internationally; Photo from personal collection

Muhammad Saigol
Muhammad on a night out on the town; Photo from personal collection

...And speaking of avid fans, this 'tribute' painting was posted on Shehryar's Facebook wall by a friend of his who happened to see it:
An (unknown) fan's tribute to Shehryar Taseer's feature in HELLO! India

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